“I have lost twenty pounds and attained a first class fitness test score!”

– Major A. Gilbert, USMC

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Scottsdale Arizona
Personal Fitness Training

With expert training, education and award winning experiences, Rivak Hoffman is undoubtedly the best Scottsdale Arizona personal trainer. He is expertly qualified to help anyone maintain, improve, or repair their physical health. His combined fitness, nutritional, holistic and medical expertise, gives his clients the ideal tools and greater confidence to make permanent life changes. Click on Rivak’s photos to learn about the experience, education and knowledge he brings to the table. Learn more about Rivak Hoffman

Personal Fitness Training scottsdale
  Personal Fitness Training

Enhance your fitness, change your shape, take command of your lifestyle and change bad faulty exercise techniques and patterns. Our Best Scottsdale Arizona personal fitness training work is done exclusively in private gyms, offices, client’s homes or in local parks.

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In Home Training Scottsdale
 In-Home Personal Fitness Training

Our extensive knowledge in functional fitness and sports conditioning can make your Scottsdale Arizona In Home personal training program far more challenging than conventional gym training. With programs you will receive an efficient workout saving you valuable time while keeping your busy lifestyle on track

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Sports Performance Training Scottsdale
 Sports Performance Training

If you’re an athlete, sports enthusiast or simply wanting to improve your game, sports performance training will zero in on a specific set of muscle. Expect to be a better performer from both a mental and physical perspective.

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Medical Exercise Training Scottsdale
  Medical Exercise Training

If you’re dealing with health issues there is no need to throw in the towel and succumb to a life of pills and lethargy. According to research “Exercise is the best preventative drug we have and everyone needs to take that medicine.” As a Scottsdale Arizona medical exercise specialist I will help you reboot your health and vitality.

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High Intensity Interval Training Scottsdale
 High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training is awesome and effective. Fitness experts praise HIIT as the hottest trend for 2016. With High Intensity Interval Training you achieve twice the result in half the time.

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small group training buddy training scottsdale
  Small Group Training / Buddy Training

Make the best of your fitness budget and fitness results by training with a buddy, family of work associate.

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weight loss fitness training scottsdale
 Weight Loss Training

The science of nutrition, metabolism and training comes down to how your metabolism is functioning under nutritional and physical changes. Find your body’s fat storing and burning rates and develop a specific nutrition and training program to stimulate fat melting and muscle retention.

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senior fitness training scottsdale
 Senior Fitness Training

Aging is a fact of life. The good news is that corrective exercise can turn back the wheels of time and allow you to feel more youthful. Decrease painful joints, strengthen the heart and rejuvenate that spring in your step!… and we can bring our services to you.

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