Our mission

Every Bit Fit- Scottsdale Arizona Personal Fitness Training adheres to no-nonsense approach to taking care of your body! We train as sculptors, not bodybuilders. Our system is a distinct mix of corrective exercise, resistance training and cardiovascular integration.

Based on a series of 3-4 back to back exercises using super, triple, compound and giant setting. We employ lighter weight with strict form adherence. This elicits greater muscle detail and definition. We also integrate all corrective exercise strategies required to correct individual biomechanical issues discovered during our baseline assessment.

We Pledge to deliver the finest customer experience by always delivering great energy, a motivating attitude, and 100% focused sessions.

Our experience

Personal Training - 20+ years
Diet & Nutrition - 15+ years
Weight Loss/Management - 20+ years

Core goals

  • Education is our number 1 priority! Every Bit Fit – Fitness & Nutrition is a leading Scottsdale AZ personal fitness training educator, bringing cutting edge fitness knowledge and holistic lifestyle coaching to our clients. We bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Fitness Training by implementing person specific assessments and holistic health coaching into our exercise prescriptions. We set higher standards than the current industry!
  • Every Bit Fit – Fitness & Nutrition, employs insightful and engaging Professionals! We are highly driven experts in the Scottsdale AZ personal fitness training industry. We excel at providing first class service and impressive results to all our customers. Acquiring new certifications relevant to fitness, nutrition and holistic lifestyle health is also our obsessive passion.
  • Precise Intelligent Individualized Fitness Programs – One shoe never fits all. We are proven leaders in Scottsdale AZ personal fitness training ,by helping improve peoples quality of life and fitness levels.We believe every decision we make has a powerful impact on an individuals health and wellness. We execute smart fitness and personalized nutrition plans, then employ appropriate lifestyle coaching techniques to enhance the way people think, breath, move, eat, drink and sleep.
  • An Industry Role Model – We strive to be unique and best in business practices. Going above and beyond. Providing only the best in customer service to our clients.


Meet Our Team

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Certified Personal Trainer &
Medical Exercise Specialist

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