Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman adamantly opposes traditional weight training for weight loss and toning. The personal training industry wants you to believe by doing thirty to sixty minutes of weight training you will melt fat away and boost your metabolism. Snake oil wisdom at its finest says Hoffman. As a matter of fact, weight training alone will make you gain weight, cardio alone will provide the largest percentage of weight loss between the two modalities, but expect a small amount of the weight loss from muscle break down.  A combination of weight training and cardio provides a good balance of weight loss and muscle retention. Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman suggests you find an age compatible HIIT training program to lose unwanted fat and get toned.

Metacon training programs are Hoffman’s unique training programs and are considered muscle sparring while impacting  your cardiorespiratory energy system in a tremendous way. According to Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman, the average participant will lose an average of 8 lbs and 3 inches in abdominal girth in 10 Metacon sessions which is approximately one months time. Gone are the days of the purist’s single joint, sagittal plane body movement, followed by a 30 second rest. Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman says ” Weight loss will be futile if you follow this antiquated style of training” Moreover, clients will grow bored real fast and stop working out. Training programs should be fun yet challenging.

Here are some really well done clinical studies illustrating my position on traditional weight training programs versus aerobic and the two modalities combined. The following study involved 200 volunteers broken up into three groups after a four month control period was implemented to get rid of the slacker recruits.

Group 1. Resistance Training  (66 Volunteers)

  • Exercised 3 days per week.
  • 8 different weight machines that target major muscle groups.
  • 3 sets per exercise
  • 8 to 12 reps per exercise where standard.
  • Total number of minutes of exercise per week was 180 minutes (3 hours)

Group 2. Aerobic Training only. (74 volunteers)

  • Volunteers exercised 3 days per week
  • Exercise was jogging 12 miles per week
  • Intensity was 65% to 80% VO2 max which is considered moderate intensity.
  • Total training time was 130 minutes per week  ( 2 hours 10 minutes)

Group 3. Resistance Training and Aerobic Training combined  (60 Volunteers)

  • Aerobic Training (jogging)12 miles per week at 65- 80% VO2 max
  • Resistance Training 3 days per week. 8 exercises, 3 sets.
  • 8-12 reps for each set
  • Total training time was 300 minutes (5 hours) per week


First Place –      Aerobic Training Group lost the most weight!     An average weight loss of 3.88 lbs

Second Place  Aerobics and Resistance Training.                      An average weight loss of 3.58 lbs

Third Place      Resistance Training Group.                                 Gained 1.8  pounds!

Ok, so  results look astonishing for the  aerobic group. Not so fast, the results also showed 1/4 lb of the weight loss came from muscle fiber. A quarter pound doesn’t seem like much, but it can mean a depression in your metabolism. Moreover the resistance training group may not have lost any fat, but they did gain lean muscle mass, which increases metabolic rate.  The problem I have with this training model, is the expanding waist line phenomena which goes like this. So you gain strong abs and could hammer out hundreds of crunches and planks. This is good but you still retain the fat layer which covers those strong abs so be prepared to purchase a larger set of clothing to accommodate this girth change.

Therefore in the opinion of Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman, Aerobics combined with resistance training will always be the best for weight loss. But not many people have the ability to spend 5 hours a week in the gym like the test group did. In fact the drop out rate was highest after the study ended.  This best solution is a HITT style of conditioning program which can be done is 50 minutes 3 days a week. The HITT program should be functional and compatible with sports conditioning to minimize risk of injury.  Metacon training programs provide just this and more. You will burn a tremendous amount of calories and retain lean muscle mass. This is optimal!

Mesa Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman performs Metacon training programs at peoples home and the Las Sendas Spa and Fitness Center in Mesa Arizona. For more information about Rivak Hoffman and his company Every Bit Fit AZ click on this link.