I’ve been in general fitness training with Rivak Hoffman for about 8 years. I can honestly say it has marked a turning point in my life. This is much more than an intense workout session. Sure, I’ve lost body fat, and built up my endurance and strength. More importantly, I’ve also gained insight into the aging process, and how to combat it. I am in my 60s and have changed from a sedentary person prone to aches and acute tendonitis from participating in casual sports, to a more conditioned man, probably in better shape than I was in college. Thanks to Rivak Hoffman’s training techniques, I have regained youthful agility, balance, coordination and flexibility. What distinguishes Rivak’s approach to training is his professionalism, knowledge, individual attention, and a comprehensive, enthusiastic and guided approach to health and fitness. This is not cookie-cutter body sculpting. Rivak has an impressive resume, but he doesn’t flaunt it. His medical and neurological training coupled with his credentials in fitness training sets him apart and makes him an ideal trainer for clients of all ages and abilities, those with intact musculoskeletal systems as well as those with disabilities or chronic disorders. Most importantly, he approaches his clients as a true professional. He keeps detailed records and monitors progress. He makes sure you get each exercise right and monitors every movement for mistakes that can lead to injury. Make the call! I’m sure glad I did.