Rivak’s cutting edge approach to fitness and nutrition opened up my potential to new levels. For years, I have struggled to establish proper fitness goals. Rivak helped me redirect my focus in the right direction and establish those goals. In the past, I have always thought the answer laid somewhere between bodybuilding and power lifting. Boy I was mistaken. For years, I had neglected cardio, core and interval training, and neglected what I really was looking for. That was a lean athletic body. My favorite activity/sport is surfing, so Rivak trained me like a swimmer. He showed me different exercises college swimmers perform, and integrated them into a high intensity workout 3 days per week, with long relaxing runs on the days in between. In one month I lost 15 pounds, and barely had to change what I was eating… As long as it was in moderation. As a Marine Officer, I am expected to be in premium condition. Yes, I have, at times pushed my body weight limits. With Rivak’s techniques and his ability to clarify what I need for my specific life style, I will never struggle with what I need to do to maintain a high-level of fitness. I have never used a personal trainer before, but I can now say it was a life changing experience and money invested wisely.