Rivak is an outstanding trainer and a great person. I have worked with him for over three years–started while pregnant. I was in fantastic shape when I gave birth, labor went very smoothly and pushing was easy. A week after my daughter was born, I actually weighed a few pounds less than when I became pregnant. I have stayed with him, because I see results. I become a lot weaker without him around to push me. He also knows just how to hard to push a person to challenge then without making them want to give up. He has a significant amount of medical knowledge, which, as a physician myself, I greatly appreciate. His professionalism and knowledge truly enhance the workout experience. Did I mention he comes to the house too? Talk about convenience! No excuses to avoid the workout. No equipment at home? No problem! I am continually amazed at how tough Rivak can make a workout in a small amount of space with minimum equipment. I find his rates to be reasonable as well.