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You can obtain the same amazing results training at home vs. working out at my gym. My proven Scottsdale Arizona In Home Personal Training include my professional tools to include a Dura ball Pro Swiss ball, Pro-fitter various dumbbells, Dynamaxballs , JC Predator exercise bands, BOSU ball, Kettle bells, TRX system, Mobility Sticks and a premium training mat.

My extensive knowledge in corrective exercise, body slimming and High Intensity Interval Training can make your Scottsdale Arizona In Home personal training experience, far more challenging than conventional gym training.

With our 30 and 60-minute programs you will receive an efficient workout saving you valuable time while keeping your busy Arizona lifestyle on track!

Our Scottsdale Arizona in home personal training program offers:
  • A complete health and fitness assessment
  • A personalized fitness program tailored to you specific needs
  • One on one personal training program with a Every Bit Fit AZ Trainer
  • Customized “ off-day” programs designed to keep you accountable between training days.
In- Home Personal Training benefits:
  • Convenience: No more worrying about getting stuck in traffic to get to a gym appointment, or rushing back to a business meeting that requires punctuality. Why add stress if we can help you reduce the stress of commuting or rigid schedules?
  • Privacy: Scottsdale in home personal trainer allows privacy without feeling like you have an audience watching your every move.
  • Accountability: Lets face it, its so easy to talk yourself out of driving to the gym. But when your trainer shows up at the door there are no excuses.

(8) - 60 min. Sessions


(12) - 60 min. Sessions


(24) - 60 min. Sessions


(36) - 60 min. Sessions

Scottsdale Arizona Personal Trainer


At Every Bit Fit we offer online training with personalized training programs, meal plans, online workout tracking, and more. Measure your progress with workouts that meet your schedule anywhere.

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