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Scottsdale Arizona Personal Fitness Trainer for Seniors, Rivak Hoffman specialize in designing youth inspiring health and fitness programs for seniors in the regions of Scottsdale Arizona. My programs are safe and age appropriate for those seeking added care beyond the usual strength training systems seen at local athletic clubs and gyms. Best of all, I make FITNESS HOUSE CALLS!

It is important to note that aging can affect our minds and bodies in many ways. Inactivity leaves the human body inflexible and weak, which often leads to unexpected falls and the dreaded hip fracture. A fractured hip often leads to greater levels of immobility and a more sedentary lifestyle. If you sever the femoral artery greater complications can arise.

My fitness program begins with corrective exercise programs to re-stimulate atrophied muscle fibers and recreate muscular balance. This will unload undue pressure on your skeletal framework and joints. This greatly benefits you by slowing down the cycle of osteoporosis and un-necessary wear and tear on joint cartilage.

Following the corrective exercise program comes the re-balancing prescription, which is designed to augment physical muscle competency and mental awareness of body positioning. Proper balance will help you regain a more youthful gait and stable posture.

Senior Fitness Training Scottsdale Arizona

Knowing what to do to recreate a failing body requires a strong medical acumen and great knowledge of reconditioning of the human body that has survived beyond the 6th decade of life. Attempting to do traditional gym exercise routines often leads to overload of the spine and further accentuates muscular imbalances.

Seeking the advice and executing the proper exercise prescription is just as logical and precise as seeking out help for a heart condition or diabetes. You wouldn’t attempt to concoct your own medical remedy, would you?

As an extremely healthy middle-aged health and fitness professional with over 23 years in health care, and 18 years in the fitness industry working with hundreds of client’s 50- 95 years of age, my experience speaks for itself.

My Senior Fitness Training programs are life changing!

(8) - 60 min. Sessions


(12) - 60 min. Sessions


(24) - 60 min. Sessions

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