Stability & Core Training

Stability and Core training are the foundations to any properly executed fitness program. Unfortunately both modalities are the most overlooked aspect of most fitness programs. Every Bit Fit AZ believes that Stability and Core training is a must for everyone.

Stability & Core training reduces back pain, or will prevent you from being one of the 80% of Americans who suffer from repeated bouts of back pain regularly.

Other benefits of Stability Core Training include elimination of postural imbalances and improvement in athletic performance.

Our stability & Core Training program consists of a wide variety of exercises. Many are done with your body. In addition Swiss balls, stability discs, foam rollers, bands, BOSU balls and a plethora of other systems will be used to progress you to the point of biomechanical correctives.

Stability Core Training Scottsdale AZ
Stability Core Training Scottsdale Arizona

Advanced Stretching Programs:
Stretching is an equally important facet to your health and fitness. Muscle imbalances begin with tight and weak muscles, which exert negative forces on the human skeletal system often leading to postural imbalances and an arthritic environment.

Lack of flexibility also leads to repetitive joint injury for athletes, and is now touted a must do, to keeping the competitive athlete or the weekend warrior injury free and in the game.

Our Advanced Stretching Techniques include:
PNF Stretching and Myofascial Release with foam roller therapy.

According to the American Academy of Sports Medicine, both of these combined modalities should be performed once weekly for best benefit. Both Stability Core training combined with a weekly dose of Advanced Stretching will greatly enhance your workouts and sport!

(8) - 60 min. Sessions


(12) - 60 min. Sessions


(24) - 60 min. Sessions


(36) - 60 min. Sessions

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